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Featured Retailer: Finlandia Pharmacy, Vancouver






This month our superstar retailer is Finlandia Pharmacy & Natural Health Centre in Vancouver, BC.
We love their customer-centered integrated pharmacy approach with knowledgeable staff able to guide you in the right direction with whatever your health care preference may be.
Ask Tanja, a natural beauty products expert if you need any advice/tips.

Q. Please tell us about your store?

A. Finlandia Pharmacy and Natural Health Centre, was founded in 1974 by pharmacist Harlan Lahti.
Our mission is to help our customers attain optimal health and vitality and to enable full enjoyment of all life has to offer. This is achieved through traditional prescriptions and complementary modalities -including herbs, supplements and naturopathic/homeopathic services- personalized for each individual. Our store and health services centre are fully equipped to provide integrated, personalized health care and wellness medicine. Our retail store also incorporates a natural beauty and skin care department.

Q. Any feedback on Thera Wise and what made you carry Thera Wise?

A. Our customer says the Thera Wise Ac+ Acne ointment treatment is effective yet gentle. It absorbs quickly, helps to clear up pimples quickly. Besides reducing pimples, it will significantly reduce the scaring as well. Great under makeup and affordable price!

Thank you Tanja, Kristen and the awesome Finlandia Team!

Finlandia Pharmacy
1111 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G1
Phone 604-733-5323

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